How to Win the Amazon Buy Box in 2021

Why Have My Amazon Sales Dropped?

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

If There are Multiple Sellers, Who Wins the Buy Box?

How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

What Factors Determine Who Wins the Amazon Buy Box?

Product Price & Shipping Method are King

Create a Winning Amazon Buy Box Strategy

If You’re the Manufacturer, Control Distribution

Minimize Stock Outs with Inventory Forecasting

Check Buyer-Seller Messaging Twice per Day

Fulfill via FBA when Possible

What If the Amazon Buy Box is Missing?

What Causes Amazon Buy Box Suppression?

Suppressed Buy Boxes Cost Sales

How Do You Prevent Amazon Buy Box Suppression?

The Buy Box & Amazon Advertising

The Solution: Have an Exclusive Seller or Require all Sellers to Run Marketing

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